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Services for individual adults offers a space to meet with the counselor one on one. This service meets you where you are and offers a holistic approach. If you are having trouble with anxiety, feeling more sad than usual, or feeling overwhelmed with stress consider meeting with the counselor.

Young Adults

Early adulthood is new and can come with its own stressors. You don't have to face them alone. Counseling helps you to navigate this next phase of your life and the changes that come with growing.

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The teenage years are a critical period of development. Coming into your own and learning how to cope in this stage of life can be difficult. Counseling for teens help with anxiety, feelings of depression, family life, the pressures of school life and peer relations, amongst other life stressors.

Treatment For

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Mood abnormalities

  • Grief

  • Peer relationships

  • Parental relationships

  • Trauma

  • Coping

  • Life Stressors

  • Self Esteem

  • Life Transitions

  • Grief

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